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Lucycaboosy Apply!
Hello Here My Name Is Nick!


How old are y= am 14

Wer are y from= Am from Grece

Do y have bin work on any servers? = Yes a do on crazywars,Minesaga,Supreme

Why y want to take Helper or Mob rank ? =Why a now a lot thing a can help a lot the server to fix all the problems! LIKE GLICHS  and more and am so good to find a lot hackers and a can tell at a lot players join on the server and play and then have more players on the server!!

Cam y talk on Vc Chats? = Yes a can!

Thx for reading if y want samthing y can msg me on Discord my name is mooeena#6345!
Thx for reading have a good day! Heart Smile Smile
Your application has been denied.

1) Your english is not meeting our multilanguar criteria.
2) The information provided is not true, everything was checked.
3) Quite annoying, not respectful.

You will be able to apply again on 2.1.2019.

Best regards,
(10-02-2018, 04:09 PM)zoobros Wrote: a dont like y zoobros y bad

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