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Application by: hc3490 - hc3490 - 08-25-2018

Name?: Luka

Username?: Pregrad

Age?: 19

IGN name?: hc3490

What timezone are you in?: UTC+1

What languages do you speak?:  Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian, English and little of Spanish

How many hours can you spend on a server?:  On Monday-Friday (2-4h) depends on the school, study... Saturday-Sunday (4-8h)

Do you have a discord? : Yes  MC_Swag#6047

Are you able to record and if so is it good quality?: Yes

For what position do you applying for?: For the Admin, coz I know that almost on all server you started as a helper but I played Minecraft for 4 years and I have a lot of experience and knowledge. I know a lot of rules, gameplay, and commands so please if is possible I will like to be Admin.

what kind of staff do you have been in the past servers? I was Helper, Builder, Moderator, Admin, and Manager but most of the time I was Admin.

why do you want to become staff?: Because I want to help peoples/players, give them advice if they need and want. To be a part of the good community to share my skills my experience my ideas how to improve the server and make it more lovely to play and that players will not leave our server I will keep them to stay by doing some daily and weekly challenges and some days I will do DropPartys. And to have fun, coz some staff take they jobe to much mature and serious. I will keep the server clean away from hackers scammers and people ho advertising. I have played Minecraft for 4 years so I know a lot of rules, gameplay, commands etc... If some players need help I will be happy to help them. I will be mostly online on discord so if the player need help for me or have a question I will be there for him and I will help other staff members if they need to and I will be for player always here to help him to answer theme questions no matter if the player ask me 100x the same thing. Im mature of my work but I'm not taking jobe to much seriously coz I don't like to take it seriously to much coz than server and community will be bored.

Why should we accept your application over others?: I know that others who will apply are very experience know a lot of rules and stuff so its hard. But I think you should accept me coz I will be online most of the time, I love to help no matter if he's new at the Minecraft I will help him show him the basic and hope that he will enjoy. For me, if I'm staff the players is number 1. So if I'm busy and don't have time I will leave my think and go help the player if he/she needs me so bad. I'm a very friendly guy and most of the time funny. I will try my best that players will not get bored (making daily and weekly challenges, making updates, making some drop party)I will be online most of the time that means, if some staffs are busy making or doing something hard for the server or else thinks I will take all players questions and help them. And I will make sure that if any hacker is on or bad person making advertising I will take a screenshot as a prove and mute him or even ban him.

is there anything else you would like to add?: I'm a funny guy. I'm taking the Staff jobe mature but not too much coz than the community will be bored of the server staff (of me). I'm not an angry person I'm a very calm person, I really like to help everyone who needs help. If its anything you wanna ask me please just ask Wink oh , one more thing I'm not the Grammy kind of guy but I'm trying my best.


RE: Application by: hc3490 - zoobros - 08-25-2018

Your application has been denied. We do not accept applications regarding to adminstrators.

Best regards,